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How to install and configure Jenkins and integrate Splunk plugin in local machine for non-licensed version(free version)


I need to install and configure Jenkins and integrate Splunk plugin into Jenkins in my local machine for non-licensed version.
I am doing research into this for my local environment.
Can you share step by step process for the above two points

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Hi Vishnu, I am trying to create a POC to integrate the splunk with Jenkins, I found this link and based on the document, I have gone through the steps, and downloaded the Zip file from the git repository splunk-devops-plugin-master. Followed the below steps.


Installed Java 1.8 version in 64 bit Windows Platform.

Installed Jenkins-2.190.3 in 64 bit windows Platform.

Splunk Enterprise 7.3 (Single instance deployment method).

Installed Splunk App for Jenkins 2.0.

Created HEC token in splunk.

Configured Splunk plugin for Jenkins.

Test Connection --> Splunk connection Verified.

Validating the connection checking the Splunk console and able to see the below events information when we perform "Test Connection"

10:04:25.036 PM ping from jenkins plugin raw event ping
host = xxxxx source = http:jenkins sourcetype = text:jenkins

Configured custom metadata -->
Data Source --> Build Event
Config Item --> Index
Value --> Customer_index

But when I am trying to check with Splunk APP for Jenkins, unable to see any data, so could you please guide me how /where to trouble shoot this issue.

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Hi Hemnaath, this is very promising. I can get the splunk plugin installed and point to my local host splunk free version. However test connection hungs. Can you share a screen of you Jenkins configuration screen?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Check this out
And on the Jenkins plugin config page, click the question mark near the "HTTP Input Port" or "HTTP Input Token", you will find more screenshots and guide

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