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How to ingest Event Hubs with Microsoft Cloud Services?


Im using the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services, and I'm trying to ingest EHs.
We've setup th SP, and Enterprise app, created EHs. and configured account and inputs in addon

yyyy-dd-mm 11:36:20,813 level=INFO pid=18561 tid=MainThread logger=__main__ datainput="AzureEH" start_time= message="Blob checkpoint store not configured"
yyyy-dd-mm 11:36:14,786 level=INFO pid=18427 tid=MainThread logger=splunksdc.loop datainput="AzureEH" start_time= message="Loop has been aborted."
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Answering my own question. At was resolved with correct permission in azure

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I encounter the exact same issue. What permissions do you exactly mean?

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You require two permissions to ingest Event Hub through through Microsoft Cloud Services.

- Azure Service Management -> "user_impersonation"

- In Azure Portal -> Subscriptions -> Access control (IAM) -> Add role assignments -> Role: "Azure Event Hubs Data Receiver" -> User, group or service principal -> give this your app.

It has been documented meanwhile at


what Permission did you add to fix this ? 

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Loves-to-Learn Everything

What permissions was this? Event Hub Data Receiver? 

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