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How to get the DBLOOKUPName from a lookup file (csv)?


I have a lookup table with a list of customers and database names

customer.csv loaded into Splunk


I have to do a dblookup using the db_name fetched from customer.csv

|dbquery $db_name$ "SELECT name, duration FROM  tab1"

$db_name$ needs to be fetched form customer.csv

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I got it working..

Created a saved search for the db_lookup as shown below.
|dbquery $schema_name$ "SELECT name, duration FROM tab1"

save this search as as db_lookup_test

Create a new Saved Search will pass in the parameter schema_name as shown below :
| savedsearch db_lookup_test [|inputlookup customer.csv |eval schema_name=db_info | return schema_name]


|inputlookup customer.csv | eval schema_name=db_name |dbquery $schema_name$ "SELECT name, duration FROM tab1"

This is what I am trying to do. I need to get the schema_name dynamically from another lookup

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