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How to fix: Update app - An error occurred while installing the app: 500



Whenever I try to update ANY app from the Splunk Enterprise web GUI, the following error appears: 


I went to splunkd.log and found 3 logs potentially relevant to this issue:


03-22-2023 14:31:17.337 +0000 WARN LocalAppsAdminHandler [298988 TcpChannelThread] - Using deprecated capabilities for write: admin_all_objects or edit_local_apps. See enable_install_apps in limits.conf


enable_install_apps is set to "false", but I checked my role's capabilities and I have install_apps, admin_all_objects and edit_local_apps. Besides, never had any problem before with this configuration. 

I also checked and these capabilities don't seem to be deprecated.


03-22-2023 14:31:17.695 +0000 ERROR X509 [298988 TcpChannelThread] - X509 certificate (,O=Splunk Inc.,L=San Francisco,ST=California,C=US) common name ( did not match any allowed names (,

I followed this post  so I checked my inputs and didn't find these parameters:



03-22-2023 14:31:18.020 +0000 ERROR ApplicationUpdater [298988 TcpChannelThread] - Update file /opt/splunk/var/run/715e039c578d4189.tar.gz is not the correct size: expected 1555199 but got 1555197

I can't find any information about this last log.

I guess I could try to uninstall the app and reinstall it, but since this error is happening with ANY app I try to update, I suppose the issue doesn't have to be with this app specifically so this would probably be useless.

Any other suggestions?



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