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How to enable device registration for the updated Splunk Mobile App 2.1.0 with the new Splunk Add-on for Mobile Access?



Last week, the Splunk Mobile App has been updated and it seems that it is not compatible with the Splunk Mobile Access Server anymore. This was unexpected and essentially made the app unusable as we never had a chance to plan for this migration. This is quite unfortunate since we rely a lot on the Mobile App to access our dashboards outside office hours. As I understand it, we need to deploy a new search head with the Splunk add-on for Mobile Access to be able to use the Mobile App again. We've deployed this for testing purposes to realize that the Device Registration does not seem to be supported by the add-on which was another deception since this was adding a level of security to access our dashboard which contains sensitive data.

Does anyone knows how to enable the device registration system with the new add-on, or is there a way to use the new Mobile App with the Mobile Access Server like it used to work?


  • martin

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


In v2.1, we are dedicated to make the Splunk Mobile App more convenient to use. So there is no Mobile Access Server. The user can download the Splunk Mobile App and connect to their splunk server directly as long as the splunk management port is accessible by the mobile device. And if the management port is not accessible, the mobile add-on is required to be installed, and the user can also access the splunk via the Mobile Add-on. So for the questions you brought up:

Does anyone knows how to enable the device registration system with the new add-on

This feature is removed in the v2.1 of Splunk Mobile App.

is there a way to use the new Mobile App with the Mobile Access Server like it used to work?

I have to say, no, there isn't. Please install the Splunk Add-on for Mobile Access.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Martin,
Yes, the change from 2.0.1 to 2.1.0 was rather dramatic in its shift away from a dependency on the Mobile Access server. Alas, there is no migration path for upgrading. However, having read your question, I have a few bits of info to offer that might help address the issues you're experiencing.

  • You can use Splunk Mobile App independently to access your Splunk platform; you do not have to use Splunk Add-on for Mobile Access in. That said, if your end users use the app and you haven't installed the add-on, your Splunk platform instance must use the following ports: Splunk management port: 8089 Splunk web port: 8000. If it doesn't use those default ports, the end user must specify the Splunk web port your Splunk platform uses when they log in to the app. See Step 3 on
  • It sounds like you have deployed the add-on on your Splunk instance-- is that so? If end users of the app are accessing Splunk through a DMZ, they need to enter both the port and the path of your Splunk web to be able to log in.

Hope that helps-- do message back with more specifics if I'm on the wrong track.



How's it going?

You can test with older versión of splunk mobile different to actual versión 2.1.0, I attach link for download


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It was working just fine with the old version. Unless I'm missing something, installing previous version is a pain on iOS and I don't want to ask my users to do so 😞

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