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How to dynamically call an REST API ?

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I have a database, which store the data of a phone call. Whenever a phone call comes, Database will be updated automatically.
I am also using an add-on "REST API Modular Input" to make a GET request with argument=phonenumber (retrieved from the DB above) to retrieve a "scraperScore" with JSON format in return.
Is it possible for the REST request to automatically made whenever a phone call come?

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This might be a bit overly complex but - in the absence of any other answers - here's an idea.

I would set up a Splunk alert which is fired for each new phone call record coming into Splunk. The script would query the REST API and dump (and format if needed) the results to a folder which is being monitored by Splunk.

A bash script containing a curl command would do the job.

Hope this helps.

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