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How to define the Datetime Format on Splunk DB Connect?


I'm creating inputs for multiple SQLite tables. I already made 8 different inputs and all of them worked as expected.
I suspect that the problem is related to the Datatime Format which is the only difference between them.

I have a very simple query:  SELECT * FROM stepHistory WHERE id > ? ORDER by id asc;
Input  Type:  Rising
Rising Column: id
Checkpoint Value:  0
Column: timestamp
Datetime Format: EEE MMM d HH:mm:ss yyyy

Example of timestamp:
Thu Mar 8 02:05:00 2018
Wed Feb 28 20:16:04 2018

I'm able to do "Execute SQL" correctly and I see that it is retrieving the correct data.

Max Rows to Retrieve: 0
Fetch Size: 300
Execution Frequence: 17 * * * *

Is there something that I'm missing?

I looked at the index, it is empty. I did a search just with the index name and I got the following:

2018-04-02 09:17:00.043 -0700  [QuartzScheduler_Worker-30] INFO  org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Job 'atedb_stephistory' finished with status: FAILED

2018-04-02 09:17:00.043 -0700 INFO  c.s.dbx.server.task.listeners.JobMetricsListener - action=collect_job_metrics connection=atedb jdbc_url=null record_read_success_count=111 db_read_time=33 record_read_error_count=1 hec_record_process_time=8 format_hec_success_count=111 status=FAILED input_name=atedb_stephistory batch_size=1000 error_threshold=N/A is_jmx_monitoring=false start_time=2018-04-02_09:17:00 end_time=2018-04-02_09:17:00 duration=43 read_count=111 write_count=0 filtered_count=0 error_count=0

2018-04-02 09:17:00.006 -0700  [QuartzScheduler_Worker-30] INFO  org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Job 'atedb_stephistory' started
2018-04-02 09:17:00.005 -0700  [QuartzScheduler_Worker-30] INFO  com.splunk.dbx.connector.logger.AuditLogger - operation=dbinput connection_name=atedb stanza_name=atedb_stephistory state=success sql='SELECT *
FROM stepHistory
WHERE id > ?
ORDER BY  id asc; '

2018-04-02 09:17:00.001 -0700  [QuartzScheduler_Worker-30] INFO  c.s.d.s.dbinput.recordreader.DbInputRecordReader - action=db_input_record_reader_is_opened input_task="atedb_stephistory" query=SELECT *
FROM stepHistory
WHERE id > ?
ORDER BY  id asc; 

2018-04-02 09:17:00.000 -0700  [QuartzScheduler_Worker-30] INFO  org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Job 'atedb_stephistory' starting

After looking more closely at the events, there is an error on row 112:

As I expected, the issue is related to the timestamp. Note that there are two spaces between "Mar" and "7". I'm not sure how to manage this.

111 | Thu Feb 15 17:49:21 2018
112 | Wed Mar  7 20:11:45 2018

I'm changing the title of the question from "Unable to make a DB connect input" to "How to define the Datetime Format on Splunk DB Connect?"

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There seem to be issue with date/time format. See if Date time Format: %a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Y for Wed Mar 7 20:11:45 2018 works.

If given timestamp does not solve the issue, please share content of inputs.conf and props.conf to analyze further.

For more details on date/time format in Splunk, you may refer to docs on Commontimeformatvariables:

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