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How to create a Gantt chart displaying jobs on the y-axis and time on the x-axis?


I wanted to prepare a Gantt chart with the following ideas.

Need to display the jobs on Y-axis and Time period on X-axis.

Job 1 starts at 10 am and ends at 3 pm. Job 2 is having its dependency on Job 1 and it's going to start at 11 am only when Job 1 completes.
Similarly it's going on for 10 Jobs. Each Job has its own dependency and only starts if other one completes (Autosys commands)

Any idea on how to come with solution for this? The details needs to be fetched from Database only. So I am not able to use transaction command to build gantt chart as discussed in Custom Visualization App

Thanks in advance

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The D3 Gantt chart visualization is not designed to do what you ask (out-of-the-box). It will always want to put time on the X-axis. In order to swap axes, you would have to go in and manually change the code to allow that configuration.

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@splunkn... Have you seen Splunk's Timeline Custom Visualization?

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