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How to create JointJS visualization when multivalue fields needs to be joined?

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I'm working on creating an order flow chart and using JointJs for the same. When an order is progressing, it passes through 4-5 application layers multiple times.

For example App A --> order passed through twice, App B --> order passed through five times etc.

While creating the flowchart, I want to show all the times order passed through via App A in single box, likewise for rest of the apps. Using stats command I created multivalues for the same and defined FROM, TO required for jointJS. But when I use multivalue its unable to render joint js diagram. But when I convert multivalue to single value, its able to load. Is there a way how i can create jointJS diagram using multivalue.


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@christal1989 in order for the community to assist you better can you please add more details as to what kind of table you currently have and what is the expected output?

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