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How to create IP address group to view network traffic?

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I Need Help please. I use the app Netflow Integrator . I want to create an IP address group to view network traffic.
How to create a group of IP Address using Splunk Entreprise & Netflow Integrator.
Can someone give me a soution.
Thanks in advance

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NetFlow Analytics for Splunk App supports Device Groups:

You can create exporters-devices.csv file in .../apps/netflow/lookups to map devices management IPs to exporter IPs, and to groups devices (see exporters-devices.csv.sample), where

exp_ip - is IP address of the device’s NetFlow exporter
management_ip - is the management IP address of the device (the same as exp_ip if the device doesn't have actual management IP)
device_group - is the name of the group where the device belongs (this field is optional, input "*" without quotes if the device shouldn't belong to any group)

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