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How to correlate two sides of an HTTP session as presented by NetFlow?


My NetFlow generator captures both ends of an HTTP session and provides the metadata to Splunk via the Splunk Add-on for IPFIX. (Splunk_TA_ipfix). The issue I'm experiencing is that each side of the connection appears as a discrete event. For example (sanitized data ahead):

10:48:29.000 PM 
Sequence="408451"; Template="568"; destinationIPv4Address=""; protocolIdentifier="6"; sourceTransportPort="80"; destinationTransportPort="58820"; tcpDestinationPort="58820"; tcpSourcePort="80"; udpDestinationPort="0"; udpSourcePort="0"; sourceIPv4Address=""; HttpRspStatus="200"; HttpReqUrl="";
destinationIPv4Address = eventtype = netflow sourceIPv4Address = sourceTransportPort = 80 tcpDestinationPort =  58820 tcpSourcePort =  80

10:48:29.000 PM 
Sequence="408450"; Template="568"; destinationIPv4Address=""; protocolIdentifier="6"; sourceTransportPort="58286"; destinationTransportPort="80"; tcpDestinationPort="80"; tcpSourcePort="58286"; udpDestinationPort="0"; udpSourcePort="0"; sourceIPv4Address=""; HttpRspStatus="0";  HttpReqUrl="";

My goal is to stitch together the full event such that I'm able to see both the HttpReqUrl and the HttpRspStatus as a single entry e.g. HttpRespStatus=200. Note that for HTTP request, the response is 0 and for the response, the request is null.

I've tried various evals and transactions, but I've gotten nowhere. Either I end up with too greedy of situation or the events remain apart. I've checked and, unfortunately, the sequence number is not sufficient for stitching (that's not a TCP sequence either, but rather a Netflow sequence - either way, didn't help).

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We are a Splunk partner and we provide this functionality in one of our NetFlow Optimizer Logic Modules reporting Host Pairs network conversations. This Module stitches client-server request-response flows, reporting bytes and packets server-to-client and client-to-server in separate fields in one syslog message.

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