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How to copy DB Connect credentials?

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We have DB-connect instance installed on a HF1 with all identities and connections in place which is working fine.
Where passwords for this connections are encrypted by creating those identities we want to create kind of a backup on a HF2 without inputs from databases enabled (Just for Backup settings).
But if we make "a hard copy" from HF1 to HF2 passwords do not change (are not re-encrypted) and connections do not work.

Is there a way to re-generate or de-crypt those passwords so we have kind of a backup with working connections ?
If we have for example an outage on HF1 and those settings disappear by some reason we will always have a backup with working connections on the other HF instance and we do not have to bring up all identities/passwords again with DBA's input.

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Hi all,

1 I made a direct copy from HF1 to my local drive,
2 disabled in opt/splunk/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect the db_inputs.conf
3 uploaded the app to my HF2
4 installed java jre on HF2
5 set + X rights for 2 .sh scripts ( otherwise you got message on taskmanager !!!! )
for and on --> chmod + x and chmod + x

Restart HF2
The app should give you all inputs / connections and identities but those are DISABLED.
To check if this works and connections still can be made
6. enabled 1 identity through GUI
7. enabled 1 connection for identity above
8 started first step for input at DATA LAB, select connection, schema, table --> Query
see if data is appearing in QUERY. (If so connection is established and passwords do work on this instance also)
9 Confirmed that we can make the connection and are able to query data.
Did not configured further input for having data streaming from HF1 only but through this we
have "secured" our connections and identities if there is an outage on HF1
10 Solved !!

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Hi @amantjes,

I am not sure which version of DB connect app you are running. But in DB connect 3.1.X password will encrypt/decrypt using $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect/certs/identity.dat file.

If I am understanding correctly, you store Connections and Identities on HF1 and you took backup of all DB Connect app configuration from HF1 and then sync with HF2, in that case please follow below steps

  1. Take back of $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect/certs/identity.dat file on HF2 for safer side.
  2. Copy $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect/certs/identity.dat file from HF1 to HF2.
  3. Restart splunk on HF2 (Not sure whether this is required or not)
  4. Sync DB connect configuration from HF1 to HF2 and all connections/identities should work.

I hope this helps.


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