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How to configure aws description api for us-govcloud east for metadata?

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I am trying to setup the add-on on the heavy forwarder to bring in the following information below for both west and east gov cloud regions.

  • ec2volumes ec2instances ec2reservedinstances ebssnapshots classicloadbalancers applicationloadbalancers vpcs vpcnetworkacls cloudfrontdistributions vpcsubnets rdsinstances ec2keypairs ec2securitygroups ec2images ec2addresses lambdafunctions s3buckets iam_users


Add-On Version: 4.6.0
Installed: Heavy Forwarder
Configured in the GUI for AWS GovCloud (US) for the region.
Uses an Assumed Role for EC2 Metadata based on Permissions outlined in the Add-On Guide. And trusted entity of "The identity provider(s)"

We have EC2 assets in both the west and east regions, but when I configure this input, it only seems to pull in west region data and nothing from east. Anyone know why that is? Is there an underlying issue with the script, a limitation of gov cloud or something else entirely? The permissions are global, so I would not think that would be an issue as it is in the same account. Any help is much appreciated.

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