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How to configure Splunk to use a KMS key to decrypt s3 logs via the Splunk Add-on for AWS?


I was able to successfully read logs from an s3 bucket, with Splunk using AWS add-on configured with an account with a KeyID and Secret Key.

Recently the logs were encrypted via KMS. Now the logs are coming in garbled - because splunk cannot decrpyt.

I am unable to find clear documentation/steps to install the KMS key for splunk to decrypt the logs.

Any direction appreciated.

Thank you!

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The IAM user/group or role you're using for collection needs permissions to decrypt using the key, specifically the "kms:Decrypt" action. This can be scoped to just the KMS key used on the bucket you're collecting from. An example policy document:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
        "Effect": "Allow",
        "Action": "kms:Decrypt",
        "Resource": "ARN-OF-KMS-KEY"
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