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How to change the Destination App for a Source Type?

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We have an created an app that ingests a single custom log source for which we have had to write custom field extractions. We have a variety of dashboards which have been built to show off the data and now we want to share one of these dashboards with a third party without them seeing any of the other dashboards we have built or apps we have installed.

So far we have created a separate app, a separate role and assigned this role to a user. All with reduced privileges. The new app can't see any of the other apps we have installed and is restricted to a specific index. We have gone through and removed links to searches, refresh buttons and settings.

The problem we have is that the user we created can access the dashboard but the dashboard doesn't return results for this user. If another user logs in they can access the app and return results in the dashboard.

I think I've traced the issue to the source type we created being associated with the original app as a Destination App. However we can't find a way to change this so that the source type is available to other apps. Hopefully someone will be able to help with this?

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So, what you want to do is changing the Ownership of the Knowledge Objects. When you go to the UI of your Search Head under "All Conigurations", you can move your KOs to your desired app if that is what you want. This way you can move the KOs to a destination app and share the KOs with either everyone or just with the app.

Does that do the job for you? A sourcetype itself is not associated with an app.


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