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How to change label displayed in Custom Cluster Map Visualization


I'm using the Custom Cluster Map Visualization from SplunkBase and every marker is displaying the number 1. I am trying to figure out how to change this, but the developer seems to have provided absolutely no documentation or even custom search examples to help the user customize the map. Has anyone posted samples for this visualization?

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The visualization can only display a single, numeric (positive) value for each marker. The label is always derived from this numeric value and can not be customized.

The search results are expected to contain pre-aggregated clusters, such as typically generated by the geostats command.

... | geostats count
... | geostats sum(bytes)
... | geostats avg(magnitude) maxzoomlevel=18

So this is similar to the built-in marker map visualization splunk provides, except that the custom cluster map does not support results split-by another dimension (where the built-in viz shows multiple pie segments).