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How to adjust bash scripts within Oracle Weblogic App to work on AIX WLS environment with KornShell?

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We're setting up the Oracle Weblogic App for Splunk (built by Function1, version 3.0) on an AIX Weblogic environment. Currently just a single admin server and single managed server. Have followed the instructions to adjust the domain paths appropriately. With no results coming into Splunk upon deployment, we have checked within the admin server and found:
a) No wls_jmx_*.log files had been generated
b) Upon, attempting to manually execute the scripts (to see if log files could be generated, or to use errors for troubleshooting) we realized that the errors stopping the scripts from running were because these were bash scripts and the AIX server leverages a Korn Shell.

Has anyone been able to adjust the bash scripts appropriately so that they may be able to run successfully on a Korn Shell server?


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There are a couple of options for this:
1) You could try switching from bash to sh:
- Essentially edit the first line in scripts to invoke Bourne shell by changing :




2) Else, see if bash can be installed from the AIX Toolbox.

If neither of those options work for you, please contact us directly at

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