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How to add existing indexed metrics to Splunk App for Infrastructure?



We've trying out the Splunk App for Infrastructure, to see if this adds any value to out existing deployment. We have already deployed UFs, and are already collecting some metrics data, so we though it would be possible to use this existing metric data in the app, but we cant figure out how to make it work.

We have updated the macro "sai_metrics_indexes" to include our custom metric index, but still, when looking at the "Investigate" dashboard of the app, there are no entities listed.

The table shows some of the metric data that we have from Kubernetes, using the following command.


| mstats avg(*) where index=metric-kub by host




What do we need to do to include this metric data in the Splunk App for Infrastructure?

Do we have to input the data all over, using the exact configuration script from the "Add Data" tab in the app?


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