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How do you display event monitoring data from my salesforce developer org?

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I have done all the configurations required . I am trying to display the records from my salesforce developer org.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

hi @amritapriyadarshini,

Thanks for posting. However, could you provide more info about this problem? Not only will that give you a greater chance of having your question answered, it will also help us categorize the issue so others with similar problems can learn from it.

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Can you click on Job drop-down, below the search bar and tell us what is the warning you're getting. If you see something like, "no matching fields exist", then either permissions for that lookup are not set right OR fields are not being extracted properly.

A per troubleshooting manual, please run below searches and see if there are any errors or warnings, worth noticing.

To check for errors in the internal logs for this add-on, you can perform this search:

index=_internal sourcetype=sfdc:object:log


index=_internal sourcetype=sfdc:eventlog:log
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