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How do you add a Python script to Splunk Enterprise?


Hi All, I am using Splunk Web enterprise. I have created dashboards using UI and I have to do some operation on reports. Can any one please let me know where I have to write Python script and which APP/Add-on I have to plug-in to Splunk Web?
Thanks in Advance..

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Hello Mohan,

You can refer below link..

Also you can refer below python splunk integration example...

Dashboard source (.xml) :

<dashboard script="refresh_button.js">
<label>Refresh Dashboard</label>
<button id="refresh" type="button" class="btn" style="float: right;">Refresh
<i class="icon-rotate" style="font-size: 1em;"/>

Commands.conf :
Filename =

Refresh_button.js :
], function(
var mySearch = new SearchManager({
id: "mysearch",
preview: true,
cache: true,
search: mvc.tokenSafe("| refresh "),
setTimeout("location.reload();", 0);
}); :
import requests
import json
import csv