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How do I save an output from Splunk Machine learning Toolkit to a dashboard?

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I created a simple numeric outlier detection using Splunk's Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK). I was satisfied with the output, and I want to save it as a dashboard panel. I tried opening it in a search, and then saved it a as dashboard panel to my existing dashboard. But, I am getting an error message as Splunk MLTK has no writable dashboards.

I have given global permission to all apps to have access to my existing dashboard. Yet I am not able to see my dashboard.

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I'm assuming the dashboard you're referring to was an "experiment" in the MLTK and the feedback given. In this case, you just fit the model and need to to save it. This will create a temporary model, you can apply this model in a new search to get that search in a dashboard. If you're satisfied with the model, I'd recommend saving it and creating a more friendly name for it. So in a nutshell, you should |apply the new model after creating it to use it outside of the MLTK fitting process

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@johnsasikumar if you would notice all the panels in MLTK showcase examples give you the SPL which you can run anywhere else (assuming you want to create your own Machine Learning Splunk app). Also all the visualizations in MLTK would be available in all Apps, provided it is global. So go ahead and create your own dashboard.

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