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How do I merge events by time to create a table for 3D Scatterplot - Custom Visualization?


I have a list of events, with the following content

event1: _time=123 Tag="X" Value="12.2"
event2: _time=123 Tag="Y" Value="55.2"
event3: _time=123 Tag="Z" Value="3.2"
event4: _time=234 Tag="X" Value="12.4"
event5: _time=234 Tag="Y" Value="55.0"
event6: _time=234 Tag="Z" Value="2.8"

The values are coordinates (X, Y, Z), that i want to visualize in a 3d scatter plot. Unfortunately, i have each coordinate in a single event.

How can i merge those events to create a table afterwards with

(wanted command) | table _time X Y Z


The table should have this structure:

_time   X       Y       Z
123     12.2    55.2    3.2
234     12.4    55.0    2.8
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