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How do I enable the Cloudtrail Log input?

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After installing SplunkAppForAWS and restarting splunk the new input does not appear in the available inputs for Splunk 6.0.

I've already filled in the etc/apps/SplunkAppforAWS/local/aws.conf with the correct credentials, but still am not able to add a Cloudtrail input.

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Have you followed directions in the USAGE.txt in the root dir?

I'm stuck at:

*** Usage of script ****

Reformat and verify CloudTrail file data to a stream format for Splunk. Usage examples:

gzcat f1.json.gz file2.json.gz file3.json.gz ... | %prog [options] > newfile.json

or if files have already been uncompressed:

cat f1.json f2.json ... | %prog [options] > newfile.json

The resulting output file can then be indexed into Splunk, for example:

splunk add oneshot newfile.json -sourcetype aws-cloudtrail -index aws-cloudtrail

Not being familiar with python doesn't help .....

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