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How do I add readable app screenshots to Splunkbase?

From the Media tab while editing an app in Splunkbase:

Add Screenshots
Recommended screenshot size is 1200px by 900px

When you click a screenshot thumbnail on the app page, Splunkbase presents a larger version of the image in a popup. The constraints of that popup's CSS means that, in 1200px by 900px screenshots of app dashboards, text is unreadable (unless you've used "zoom" in your browser to enlarge the text; but that introduces its own issues).

What resolution should I use to ensure app screenshots are readable in Splunkbase?

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Answering my own question with my solution, in case it's of use to anyone else...

That popup in Splunkbase constrains the height of images to 500px.

To capture screenshots of my Splunk app for Splunkbase, I use Google Chrome developer tools to set a custom device display size of 1400px by 500px.

This results in readable screenshots (not the thumbnails; I'm referring to the large versions presented in the popup):

(By the time you read this, it's possible I might have updated those screenshots again, possibly further tweaking their dimensions.)

Related tip: I deliberately named the screenshot image files "...-1.png", "...-2.png", etc, where the number indicates the order in which I want Splunkbase to display them in its image carousel. I was also careful to upload the files in that order. Nope. That didn't work: Splunkbase displayed them in reverse order! I deleted all screenshots, then re-uploaded them in reverse order (-5.png, -4.png, etc.). Yep, that worked. Counterintuitive!

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