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How can i convert SQL query to Splunk search?

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SQL Query :
SELECT A.a0,A.a1, A.a2, A.a3 FROM TableA AS A, TableB B
WHERE (A.a1=B.b OR A.a2=B.b OR A.a3=B.b)

Splunk search : ???
index=A | fields a0,a1,a2,a3 | join b [search index=B | fields b]

How can i convert it?

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In addition to the suggestions Nick has already provided, you may wish to look here for various example scenarios:

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Is there an updated link for innovato? This link is desd.

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There is some SQL/SPL information in the docs, if you haven't seen it yet:

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Although this is not what new users expect, Splunk searches that are analogous to SQL joins usually dont need an actual join command. You can usually do these things with a simple OR, sometimes sprinkled with a little eval to normalize things. In fact there are lots of great reasons not to use the join command.

If you were just joining A.a1 to B.b, you'd use searches like this:

index=A OR index=B | eval myNormalizedIdField=if(index=="A",a1,b) | stats values(someFieldFromA) last(someFieldFromB) sum(someNumericField) by myNormalizedIdField


index=A OR index=B | eval myNormalizedIdField=if(index=="A",a1,b) | transaction myNormalizedIdField

But for your specific example where you want to join A.a1 to B.b, OR A.a2 to B.b OR A.a3 to B.b, then you'll need a little more search language to normalize. I think it'll look more like this:

(index=A OR index=B) | eval myNormalizedIdField=if(index=="A",a1+"-"+a2+"-"+a3,b) | makemv delim="-" field="myNormalizedIdField" | transaction myNormalizedIdField

or replace that transaction with stats, depending on what you're trying to do with the joined set.

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