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Host licensing and collectord usage dashboard

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I think the collectord usage dashboard calculates the Host licensing incorrectly. I believe the licensing should be the max number of hosts per hour. Currently, if I look over the last 24 hours (The default for the dashboard), it counts all unique instance_ids for that 24 hour period. Should it not count unique instances per hour and then take that max number?

If I misunderstood the licensing calculation or am just way off base, please let me know.

I put my updated search below.

Thank you.

| bucket _time span=1h
| stats dc(instance_id) as node_license_count
    latest(version) as version,
    latest(build_date) as build_date,
    latest(license_id) as license_id,
    latest(expiration) as expiration,
    latest(limit) as limit,
    latest(created_at) as created_at,
    latest(host) as host,
    latest(check_success) as check_success,
    latest(valid) as valid,
    latest(err_points) as err_points,
    latest(started_at) as started_at,
    latest(message) as message
    by _time
| eval LicenseID=coalesce(license_id, "trial - " + instance_id) 
| eval expiration=coalesce(nullif(if(expiration<0, 0, expiration), 0), "") 
| eval ExpirationDays=floor((expiration-now())/60/60/24) 
| eval Limit=coalesce(nullif(limit, 0), "") 
| stats max(node_license_count) as "Count", min(ExpirationDays) as ExpirationDays, max(Limit) as Limit by LicenseID 
| eval Usage=round((Count/Limit)*100, 2) 
| eval Limit=coalesce(nullif(Limit, ""), "-") 
| eval ExpirationDays=coalesce(nullif(ExpirationDays, ""), "-") 
| eval Usage=coalesce(nullif(Usage, ""), "-") 
| sort ExpirationDays 
| table LicenseID, Limit, Count, Usage, ExpirationDays
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