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Help with DB Connect plugin


I have 12 DB servers from which I need to collect data and make it available for dashboards. My questions are below

  1. Is DB connect the best solution?
  2. Planning to use 12 universal forwarders on each of these 12 DB servers to collect and index or Is Heavy forwarder the best solution? if so how many will I need? (Assuming the data growth is 4 GB each day)
  3. How much load will it put on existing servers(12 ). In both cases. when used Universal forwarder and also when used a Heavy Forwarder a. Processing power b. Network load
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Hi Swajapey,

1) DB connect would be the best approachable solution, we have been using it for a while.
2) UF should easily handle 4 GB a day, since you are using these agents just to forward logs UF would be a smart choice.
3) Load depends on the nodes and environment which you are using

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Thanks Pruthvi. Appreciate it

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