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Google Map App display by country

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I have a field in my data with a number that corresponds to a country. I also have a lookup which converts the value of this field to either a ISO country code or country name. I would like to display the number of events by country on the Google Map app. My query is as follows:

lookup foolookup foo as foo output countryiso3166_2 as country | search country="AU"

which selects the correct entries but does not display them on the map.

So, while geonormalize works for latitude and longitude, it seems that it is not possible to display this information graphically by country if this information is already known. I could modify the lookup to include the lat/long of the capitol of the country but this seems like more work than it should be.

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I'm afraid that without either an IP address or a lat/long to work from, performing a lookup like you've suggested is the only way I can think of.

However don't dispair too much... with a bit of pokery-jiggery in your favourite text editor, this should be easy with this:

Hope this helps 🙂

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