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Getting invalid routing group error in splunk cef output.log

We have cluster deployment setup. I installed Splunk App for CEF on search head and created a data model and CEF output.
Then exported the add-on and install on Splunk indexer through Cluster-Master. Require firewall and routing is fine. But i am getting below error in cefout.log

DEBUG ARGS: [u'routing=broker']
WARNING Invalid routing group 'broker'

Note:broker is my search name in cef output.

Could anyone let me know , why this invalid routing error appears? Whats its significance? How to fix this?


I had this exact issue, but I am on a clustered search head and clustered indexer environment. If you run the search command manually (go to Search Head -> Settings -> Searches, Reports, and Alerts -> App: Splunk App for CEF -> Run ) you get the same error as -- "Search Factory: Unknown search command 'cefout'".

To fix this I moved the bin folder and the commands.conf to the Splunk_TA_cefout app on the indexers and it resolved my issue.

have same issue

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