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Getting Error message while accessing the Splunk Add-on for AWS via splunk console.


Hi All,

Currently I had pushed the Splunk Add-on for AWS in one of the heavy forwarder instance, but when i was trying to open the Add-on its throwing an Error. Kindly guide me to fix this issue.

Error Details:

An error occurred while reading the page template. See web_service.log for more details
View more information about your request (request ID = 5a55ceffbf7f26b0399490) in Search

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I have not seen that before - can you provide any details from the web_service log?
If your forwarders are sending logs to your splunk indexer, this search should show them:
index=_internal host=<your HF> sourcetype=splunk_web_service

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Hi Nickhill, I am not getting any Error message, getting only the INFO, when executing the below Search query

index="_internal" host="test01" source=*web_service.log sourcetype=splunk_web_service

1:07:24.957 AM

2018-01-18 01:07:24,957 INFO [5a60399ca07ff1ac66c910] view:1053 - bypass module system fast path

kindly guide me how to fix this issue.

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Hi Hemnaath,

Could you please check add-on permission and visibility in App Manager?

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