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Get input from the query for horsemeter max value

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I have a requirement to have a horseshoe meter in my splunk xml dashboard. But I don't know , how to dynamically change its max value .

<viz type="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter">
                    <query>index=*** source=*** |spath path=testLog.appName output=appName|spath path=testLog.payload.sourceCount output=sourceCount|spath path=testLog.payload.publishedCount output=publishedCount |stats sum(sourceCount) as totalSource sum(publishedCount) as totalPublished </query>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.maxValue">1000</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.minValue">0</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.useRangemap">true</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.valueColor">#555</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.dialColor">#d0d5d9</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.backgroundColor">#FFF</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.thresholdStyle">percentage</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.minRangeColor">#3fc77a</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.midRangeThreshold">55</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.midRangeColor">#fbcd2f</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.maxRangeThreshold">80</option>
                <option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.maxRangeColor">#b44441</option>

I want something like:

<option name="horseshoe_meter_app.horseshoe_meter.maxValue">$totalSource$</option>

and the chart should be based on totalPublished and the max range should be totalSource . Can anyone please help me to have this.

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Click on Edit on the dashboard, click the Format visualization paintbrush icon on the panel, click Color ranges, click Manual, it should be obvious from there.

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