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I have a json array of movement data coming in with multiple lat and long values and am having difficulty plotting this movement on a map.

I am able to get these to plot as a single point when I have only one lat/long combination in the event, however when there are multiples as in the below example (in markers{}), I lose the visualization.

Incoming data example:

     date_start:     1531698100.179007  
     date_update:    1531698291.081359  
     markers:   [
         date:   1531698136.120904  
         latitude:   27.411273  
         longitude:  -82.505357     
         date:   1531698140.102953  
         latitude:   27.411935  
         longitude:  -82.505325 
     total_distance_in_meters:   2470   
     total_time_minutes:     2.5999695122241966 

I am using the below. The mvexpand breaks the single event into 2 based on the date creates 2 separate events, which I believe is what I need to do however they just don't plot:

index="myindex" source="mysource.json" 
| mvexpand markers{}.date
| geostats latfield=markers{}.latitude longfield=markers{}.longitude count

Where am I going wrong here?

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