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Failed to load source for Status Indicator Visualization

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Hey Splunkers!
While executing a dashboard i frequently see "Failed to load source for Status Indicator Visualization".

I am using Splunk Enterprise 6.6.0
Also in the panel i am getting the input from a lookup, so anyway there would be same volume of data, in every execution.
(This i'm specifying, because i have seen people replying, that could be because of the less volume of data)


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Hi sarvesh_11,
Have you this problem every time or sometimes?
have you a linux server?
if you're using a Linux Server and you have always the problem, check owner of "Status Indicator" App.
In addition, check in if the App version you're using is compatible with your Splunk version.


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Hi @gcusello
This problem appears sometime, after refreshing the page for 2-3 times, it goes away. But to showcase the same to business, it doesn't looks good.
Yes it is hosted on Linux Server (RHEL6.9)
Owner of the status indicator app is "root".
And as per the document, Status Indicator is compatible with 6.6 and ours is 6.6.3

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