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Exporting Data from Splunk into Excel


Hello Splunk Community, I have come across a task whereby I am required to export data from splunk into excel, through rest api etc.

The Splunk ODBC Driver is not supported on Splunk platform versions 7.x. Upgrading your Splunk platform to 7.x can cause breaking changes to the Splunk ODBC Driver.

As this option is not viable due to it being discontinued, I would like to find out other options besides using the ODBC driver.

After much searching, I think the closest solution is VBA.

So my question would be - Are there any simple templates or guides for VBA to do this?

I need to authenticate with splunk, pull data through rest, and lastly populate the excel cells.

Looking forward to suggestions. Thanks!

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As said on the above answer, we can use outputcsv command to export the splunk events to a CSV file , then, which can be easily imported into excel.

Any splunk search results, report/alert/dashboard can be saved as CSV file, then imported to excel.

As you are a member here at splunk answers, just thought to update you that, you can upvote any answers/comments and if any answers resolved your query, please "accept that as the answer", so that question will move from unanswered queue to answered queue.

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Depending on your requirements this may not be an option but thoight I’d point out that there is an outputcsv command.

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