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Exception : clear_password



I am using the Storage Password mechanism to store important keys and passwords used in App. password.conf file generated properly from sdk.

While decrypting passwords to use in the app, not getting a clear_password by the Splunk Storage Password mechanism, Just getting an error clear_password
Piece of code which is not working is given below, using app on 8.0.8 version of Splunk Enterprise:



def get_passwords(app):
    '''Retrieve the user's API keys from Storage/Passwords'''
    pwd_dict = {}
        sessionKey = sys.stdin.readline().strip()
        # list all credentials
        entities = entity.getEntities(['storage', 'passwords'], namespace=app,
                                     owner='nobody', sessionKey=sessionKey)
        # # return set of credentials
        for i, c in entities.items():
            pwd_dict[c['username']] = c['clear_password']

    except Exception as e:
        #Here got Exception clear_password
        raise Exception("Could not get %s passwords from storage. Error: %s" % (app, str(e)))
    return pwd_dict





Any suggestions 

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