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Error:Ingestion of VPC Flow Logs using Splunk Add On for Amazon Web Services

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Hello Friends,

I am trying to ingest the VPC flow logs into Splunk using the AWS Add-On for Splunk. I have configured Kinesis Stream and using the Kinesis input type to ingest the VPC FLow Logs.

But I am getting an error : "OpenSSL internal error, assertion failed: Digest update previous FIPS forbidden algorithm error ignored".Because of this we cannot ingest the VPC flow Logs into Splunk.

So can anyone suggest me what is the issue behind this error. I am running this on a Heavy Forwarder which is running on Linux RHEL 7.3.

Splunk version = 6.6.3
Splunk Add-on for Amazon Web Services version = 4.4.0
Splunk App for AWS = 5.1.0

Let me know if you need some more information

Abheek Sett

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We tried to follow the steps but somehow it didnt work.

Just wanted to understand if this issue is app specific or not . We are using the latest version of Splunk Add - on for AWS. Will this work for this Add on?

Also as per my understanding the application must not ignore the error, but gracefully handle and, perhaps, retry with a compliant algorithm. But somehow it doesn't and errors out. So how to fix this problem.

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refer this link
let me know if this helps you!

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