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Dynatrace Application Performance Management: How to drill down (open) AppMon (Dynatrace) client from Splunk Web?

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I tried the procedure described the link below:
And Dynatrace data is shown in Splunk, however, "Drill down to CompuwareAPM" option is not appearing.

What should I do to get the "Drill down to CompuwareAPM" option?

----- Environment info. -----
AppMon version : 6.3
Splunk version : 6.4.0
APM with Dynatrace App version : 2.2.4
Both of AppMon and Splunk are installed RHEL6 64bit

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Looks like this question has been answered on the Dynatrace community by one of our users:

for those who do not have access to our community here is Tahir's answer:

he reason you are not seeing this option in your events is due to app permissions for the drill down work flow.
In Splunk please go to settings->workflows->dT drill down workflow in the permissions include all apps. BTW for me the drill down only works a small percentage of the time. You may see an error in the dT client just ignore it and let the purepath search run in the background for a few min.

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