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Duplicate labels causing conflict


Great app, lots more detail into our Citrix environments than I've seen in anything else.
I'm getting the error on every dash that has the Farm dropdown. It shows the one citrix farm and "All Farms" in the list. On editing the dash and dropdown list, the Token is FarmName, Field for Label and Field for Value are both set to "FarmName". Even after changing one of these values I still see the error message. Also, I believe that this dropdown is stopping some of the panels from updating.
Thanks for any help.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The "Field For Label" and "Field For Value" should both be set to FarmName (see screenshot). You will also notice from the screenshot that there is a lookup for the dynamic options. You many need to rebuild this file by clicking on Help -> Rebuild Lookup Files -> Rebuild Host to Farm Lookup File.

alt text

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