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Domain controller, DNS not found. when Customize Features of App windows infrastructure.


Hi Splunker,
Pls, Help me to fix the issue of Add on support window infrastructure to monitoring the Active Directory. In the step Guided setup the issue appear. It was'n found Domain controller, DNS, Group. The information as below:

alt text

Best regards,

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You did it? I have the same problem.

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Did you install the add-ons for active directory, dns, windows in your Search head and indexer, and supporting add-on for AD in just the search head?

Are you using the version 4.8.4 for your TA_windows?

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Hi Amiftah,
Yes, It's all ad-on as your mention installed in the system. I use TA_windows version 4.8.4.

Best regards,
Huỳnh Quang Khải

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You can refer this link:

Let me know if this helps!!

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Hi Deepashri,
I try to use User (Domain admins). But it's still apprear the issue as below:
Detecting Domains ...
Active Directory: Domains found.
Detecting Domain Controllers ...
Active Directory: Domain Controllers not found.
Detecting DNS ...
Active Directory: DNS not found.
Detecting Users ...
Active Directory: Users not found.
Detecting Computers ...
Active Directory: Computers found.
Detecting Groups ...
Active Directory: Groups not found.
Detecting Group Policy ...
Active Directory: Group Policy found.
Detecting Organizational Units ...
Active Directory: Organizational Units found.

Any ideas from you !

Best regards,

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