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Do apps built by add-on builder 3.0.1 safe from python 3 compatibility concerns?



Our app was built from Splunk add-on builder 3.0.1 which is supposed to support both python2 and python3. We use python3 in configure files and passed cloud vetting. 

My question is when Splunk formally drop python2 at this fall, would our app still safe and staying on Splunkbase? I did a scan with your Python upgrade readiness app but it flagged me failure. Even I deleted the aob_py2 folder add-on builder generated, still failed. 


Has Add-on builder itself passed this "python Upgrade Readiness App" test? What apps like us, built from add-on builder need to do to comply the python upgrade readiness requirement? Will Add-on builder release a new version after dropping python2 entirely and we need rebuild our apps upon the new builder version?


Please let me know, 





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