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Display the selected month data using dropdown in Splunk dashboard

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Im new to Splunk and my task is to built a Splunk Dashboard where i must have a dropdown and have 12 months listed in it and the dashboard must populate data only for the selected month. Can someone let me know the splunk query to build the same.

Also how to set the field for value and field for label.

My logs contains fields like 
IssueCreated, Key,  Project Id, Project Name, IssueType, Status, Summary, Assigned to ,Assigned By




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Hi @Nith1,

Below works for months in the current year. Create a dropdown like below.

<input type="dropdown" token="month">
      <label>Select Month</label>
      <choice value="earliest=@y latest=@y+1mon">January</choice>
      <choice value="earliest=@y+1mon latest=@y+2mon">February</choice>
      <choice value="earliest=@y+2mon latest=@y+3mon">March</choice>
      <choice value="earliest=@y+3mon latest=@y+4mon">April</choice>
      <choice value="earliest=@y+4mon latest=@y+5mon">May</choice>

And use the token month in your base search.

index=INDEXNAME $month$ | table IssueCreated, Key, "Project Id", "Project Name", IssueType, Status, Summary


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