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Deploying "Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX"


I've nearly managed to setup the deployment of the JMX app to my Universal Forwarders. But have one last issue:

Splunk - 6.03
Universal Forwarder - 6.03

After deployment, the "boot" directory isn't being created on the Universal Forwarder (/...../etc/apps/monitoring-jmx/bin/lib/boot/). Checking my deployment config on the splunk server this is an empty directory.

If I create an empty file in the "boot" directory on the deployment server, then the "boot" directory is created on the Universal Forwarder but the script doesn't run.

If I manually create an empty "boot" directory on the Universal Forwarder then everything works fine.

Is there a way to get this directory created during deployment?



After a bit of experimentation, I found that creating a directory and a file within that directory resolve the issue. For example:


Just creating a file within bin/lib/boot meant that the boot directory was deployed, but the script failed with an error.


Having the same issue with the same app, but it appears that the modular input fails to run if there is any file (even a dotfile) in the boot directory. So...

1) Why do deployment server / deployment client fail to deliver an empty directory?

2) Why does SPLUNK4JMX fail to work with a seemingly innocuous file in bin/lib/boot/ ?

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