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Data input using DB connect 3.1.4



I'm using DB connect 3.1.4,

Here are the errors we get

2020-10-21 11:55:00.165 +0100 [QuartzScheduler_Worker-9] ERROR org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Unable to write records HTTP Error 403, HEC response body: {"text":"Invalid token","code":4}, trace: HttpResponseProxy{HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden [Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 10:55:00 GMT, Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8, X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff, Content-Length: 33, Vary: Authorization, Connection: Keep-Alive, X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN, Server: Splunkd] ResponseEntityProxy{[Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8,Content-Length: 33,Chunked: false]}}
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.recordwriter.HttpEventCollector.uploadEventBatch(
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.recordwriter.HttpEventCollector.uploadEvents(
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.recordwriter.HecEventWriter.writeRecords(
at org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob.writeBatch(
at org.easybatch.extensions.quartz.Job.execute(
at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$
2020-10-21 11:55:00.165 +0100 [QuartzScheduler_Worker-9] INFO org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Job 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' finished with status: FAILED


Execute SQL works, connection with DB is good

The problem is that I don't see any new data coming in

Already checked the Timstamp

and tried to add  to db_inputs.conf

token = [My_Token_Number]


Please assist.



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Path Finder

Looking at the stackTrace;

This appears to be the biggest clue;   As response from HEC preventing data write, not the JAVA/DbConnect/SQL Query.

HEC response body: {"text":"Invalid token","code":4},

Digging back:  I found this article:

Maybe multiple http inputs exist with duplicate (same name)?  

More about the HEC collector:

I also was able to fine the HEC codes:

HEC reply codes:
reply HttpInputReply status event_message
0 Success OK Success
1 TokenDisabled FORBIDDEN Token disabled
2 NoAuthorization UNAUTHORIZED Token is required
3 InvalidAuthorization UNAUTHORIZED Invalid authorization
4 TokenNotFound FORBIDDEN Invalid token
5 NoData BAD_REQUEST No data
6 InvalidData BAD_REQUEST Invalid data format
7 IncorrectIndex BAD_REQUEST Incorrect index
8 ServerError has been removed as it is not used anywhere
9 ServerBusy SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Server is busy
10 NoChannel BAD_REQUEST Data channel is missing
11 InvalidChannel BAD_REQUEST Invalid data channel
12 NoEvent BAD_REQUEST Event field is required
13 BlankEvent BAD_REQUEST Event field cannot be blank
14 AckDisabled BAD_REQUEST ACK is disabled
15 UnsupportedType BAD_REQUEST Error in handling indexed fields
16 QueryStringAuthNotEnabled BAD_REQUEST Query string authorization is not enabled
17 HECHealthy OK HEC is healthy
18 QueuesFull SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE HEC is unhealthy, queues are full
19 AckUnavailable SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE HEC is unhealthy, ack service unavailable
20 QueuesFullAckUnavailable SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Hec is unhealthy, queues are full, ack service unavailable

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I have 2 inputs with 2 different names.


I also tried to upgrade db_connect to 3.4.0 and I still get the same errors.

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