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Dashboard validation - Script error


When I run , this scripts validates the splunk_archiver_dashboard.xml. But when I run this script it gives the following **error:

splunk_archiver_dashboard.xml:5:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_CONTENTVALID: Element row failed to validate content
:0:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_INTEREXTRA: Extra element row in interleave
/Applications/Splunk/etc/apps/splunk_archiver/default/data/ui/views/splunk_archiver_dashboard.xml:4:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_CONTENTVALID: Element form failed to validate content**

When I remove the panel tag it does get past that error but I do see it complaning about the . Is there something I am missing on ?


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