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Dashboard's nav menu inconsistent + JobInsight showing blank

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As a follow up of

I have two further questions:

(1) Nav Menu doesnt seem consistent across different pages:
In Job page, TestAnalysis and Build page, i can only see BuildAnalysis, Job insight, Test Analysis, Custom Panel, Search in the Nav menu.

In Custom Panel and Search Page (and the rest of pages listed after), i can see Overview, AuditTrail, Jenkins Health, Jenkins Node, Custom Panel, Configuration, Alerts and Search.

(2) Job Insight doesnt seem working - it is just blank and data cannot be loaded.
The list of Host and Path looks weird to me (I cannot even find my jenkins master name there)
But if i go to Overview Page, the build is displayed against my jenkins master host. So i believe the data is there.

Version of App: 2.0.2
OS: Win10-Enterprise

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