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DNSLookup not working in Version 5.06

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I need resolve my dstip field, my search "sourcetype=xxx |lookup ip AS dstip OUTPUTNEW host AS hostname| table dstip,hostname"

My in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/bin/

My conf follow below:

[xxx] <------ sourcetype ?

LOOKUP-rdns = dnsLookup ip AS dstip OUTPUTNEW host AS host

external_cmd = host ip
fields_list = host, ip

What am I doing wrong place? Thank you.

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Hi chengyu,

the .conf files look good and it seams you did follow the docs on this.
The most common reason for such 'errors' like transforms and props not being honored are that your sourcetpye is not matching. The sourcetype in props.conf must be 100% exact, so if you have it like MySourceType in the events it must be MySourceType in the props.conf - double check this. Also remember the inital restart of Splunk after the first setup of this kind of transforms.

Afterwards you can reload the transforms and/or props be doing this search in Splunk:

| extract reload=T 

hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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