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DEBUG mode for IA-NetSkopeAppForSplunk modularinput.log

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My Netskope modular input is downloading very little content although running the REST URL with curl returns thousands of Netskope events.
I need to set this input to DEBUG mode to see what it is doing. Where do I set it in IA-NetSkopeAppForSplunk?
The URL that works below validates that our token is working.

curl -vk "https://<redacted><redacted><redacted>f&event_type=clients&limit=5000&type=clients&endpoint=clients&starttime=1528151000&endtime=1528151945"


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Hi smitra.

To set the IA to DEBUG mode, please change INFO to DEBUG in the following locations.

bin/ line 55
bin/ line 21

Let us know if there are any further questions.

Thank you,

Aplura, LLC

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