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DBConnect Behavior. Not pulling rows as per fetch size.



We are working on setting up a Input for SQL Server. DBX Version is 3.1.4.

Table currently contains roughly 2M rows and there is a Auto-increment column(int) that we are using for Rising column. Under "Fetch Size" for both Connection as well as Input I've set 5000 rows. Max Rows is left at 0.

When the Input is saved, first query pulls around 21K rows. Next time when it runs(Every 5 minutes), DBX pulls only 344 Rows each time. I am not able to figure out how to have it retrieve more than that. We are also noticing that after 2nd run time, the Rising column isin't rising anymore and DBConnect keeps pulling same 344 rows over and over at each interval.

I read that Fetch Size might not be considered depending on the driver but if that is the case here can anything else be done to fetch all the rows from DB? We are using MS-SQL Server Using jTDS Driver. At this point our main goal is to get all the rows from DB into Splunk to Analyze the data.

Screenshot from modinputs. Rising Column stops after few entries.

alt text

Thanks in Advance,

~ Abhi