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DB Connect 2 automatic lookup fails in Search App (Hunk 6.2.4)

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Splunk Employee

Hello Folks:

Has anyone run into automatic lookup error with DB Connect 2 on Hunk 6.2.4?
Surprisingly, it works fine if the search is run from DB Connect 2 App. When I use Search & Reporting app, it fails with following error -

The lookup table 'db_connect_clientip_lookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration 'access_combined'.
The lookup table 'db_connect_clientip_lookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration 'source::/opt/apache/log/access_combined.log||access_combined'.

Just to rule out access control quirks, I set both lookup-definition and automatic-lookup permissions to global, added db_connect_user and db_connect_admin roles to the appropriate user (admin). But still no luck ..

Am I missing anything here?


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This can also happen due to namespace collision. If you have more than 1 lookup table defined with the name 'db_connect_clientip_lookup' and Splunk "finds" the wrong one first and the input/output fields do not match, you will get this error. The solution is to change the name of one of the tables to something else and be sure to never re-use any Knowledge Object name (but especially lookups because collisions here are especially common). If this is your problem, be VERY GLAD that your input/output fields do not match because if they did, you would have been using the wrong file but there would be NO INDICATION OF IT!!!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Thanks for your input.
Apparently this isn't the case with my setup. The db_connect_clientip_lookup is the only external lookup that exists in the system.

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