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Customized MIB for Splunk app SNMP Modular Input



We have this MIB text file (SGI-UV300-SMI.mib) and we were able to convert it to python module ( and added to the directory path "snmp_ta/bin/mibs". On the SplunkWeb UI, we input "SGI-UV300-SMI" on the MIB names under Custom MIBs.
On the Object Name list, we added the OID

But unfortunately, there is no events capture.

We added IF-MIB, DNS-SERVER-MIB and BRIDGE-MIB on the MIB names to test if there are events,
we had events but the information we needed is not there.

How would we make our custom MIB to work?
Hoping for your response. Thank you.

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Hi Jaracan,

Were you able to resolve the above issues ? Please let me know ? i am also looking for the solution on the same ?


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